bug in date_select

I don't know who lumen is or what exactly your bug is, but I have
experienced a bug with various actionview related items.

Specifically value(object) calls in form_helper*.rb

ActionView::TemplateError: wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
    On line #32 of app/views/grants/_form.rhtml

    29: <%= text_field 'grant', 'ras_award_number' %></p>
    31: <p><label for="grant_pi_id">Principle Investigator</label><br/>
    32: <%= collection_select 'grant', 'pi_id', @pis, 'id', 'name'
    34: <p><label for="grant_project_title">Project Title</label><br/>
    35: <%= text_field 'grant', 'project_title' %></p>




It does the same thing on datetime_select and other actionview calls.

In the example above, the problem is in line 308 of
forms_options_helper.rb. If you comment out that line it works.

My rails foo isn't good enough to patch it right now and I don't have
the energy to debug value(object), but I suspect this will be
caught swiftly and resolved. Although, I don't know how it got into the
release to be honest. I would have thought someone's tests would
have caught it.

I'm running frozen rails 1.2RC2.

Ringo wrote:

Just want to note that I fixed the problem I describe below. It was
most likely that my rails application's script directory contained bins
from 1.1.6, but also could have been a slight config issue. If you run
into a similar problem try replacing your script/ directory with the
one provided with the release you're using (if you've frozen rails in
vendor/rails, then use vendor/rails/railties/bin). Otherwise, replace
your config/ files with the ones from the release you're using.

Hi, you should perform the following action instead to update your
scripts, configs, and javascript:

rake rails:update

Good luck,


ps: Is there a Rails FAQ where one
       could enter this information?

perhaps somewhere in the rails wiki like
though it needs some housekeeping.