browser picks the wrong form

hey all, I have a form in my view and in a partial I have another form. The problem is that mozilla and IE always pick the first form (in that case, the 'update') even when I click on the second button. Konqueror and Safari though do pick the right form.

this is my view:

<% form_remote_tag( :url => {:action=>'update',:id=>@user}) do -%> <%= text_field_tag('merge') %> <div id="yoid">

<%= render :partial => "cranking", :locals => {:ranks => @ranks} %>

</div> <% end %>

this is my partial _cranking.rhtml:

<% form_remote_tag(:url =>{:action=>'suggesttitle'}) do -%> <%= text_field_tag('suggestedtitle') %> <%= submit_tag('Submit') %> <% end %>

is there anyway to tell mozilla and IE to pick the second form when I click on the second button?

thanx in advance


Forms aren't permitted to be nested. You have: <form action=update ...>    <form action=suggesttitle ...>      <input type=submit ...>    </form> </form>

You don't show the second button anywhere (or maybe you only show the second?). Perhaps you want to have a button_to_remote (or a button_to_function) for the suggesttitle part, yeah?


Rob Biedenharn