breakpointer doesn't show local variables

Hi there

On one of my machines (ubuntu 6.10) I'm experiencing some weird problems.

Breakpointer doesn't recognize the local variables, if in a
breakpointer session I type


the reply is always

["id", "block", "_"]

while in the context where breakpoint is invoked there are many other
local variables.
All the instance variables are correctly recognized and I can inspect
and work with them as usual.
Even the source_lines method works fine

At this point I'm quite sure something is off in this machine setup.

Does anyone have a clue?




I've previously had this problem too.

Rebboting my laptop solved it for me. Very strange though.


I'm running into the same thing also on Ubuntu 6.10. Started noticing
it about the same time you did. Are we the same person? :wink:

Hopefully my confirmation of the problem will draw some attention to
our predicament. Certainly makes debugging a little difficult, doesn't


No ideas to this yet, eh? It's truly the buggiest thing EVAR!
Debugging is near impossible without being able to look at local

No, breakpointer isn't buggy at all. Displaying local variables just
doesn't work with Ruby 1.8.5, which is a well-known limitation that has
been mentioned on this list quite a few times.

For a real debugger, consider ruby-debug


But we're not using v1.8.5 - we're on 1.8.4.

Paolo, if you're still getting this try using this instead of the
plain call to breakpoint: Breakpoint.breakpoint(nil,binding)

That works for me. YMMV, Dave

Thanks Dave.