Bootstrap: How do I change the black bar at the top?

Chapter 5 of ( talks about how to create a basic layout for a web site. I use it as a great resource for putting a Rails web site together.

I’m having difficulty customizing the navbar/header. While changing the color of the “sample app” logo is straightforward enough (just change the RGB setting of the color parameter under #logo), how do I change parameters in the rest of the header? How do I change that black bar to be some other color, such as dark blue/green/red/purple/brown/etc.? How do I change the color of the menu links (Home/Help/Sign Up) from the default gray to yellow? Or orange? Or some other color?

You'll have to customise it by using sass. Read here on how to do that:

The bootstrap variables you can use can be found in:

Hope this works out for you!

Additional tips, using the railstutorial from Michael Hartl:

1. Where you have specified the navbar html, remove navbar-inverse if it's there.. it should give you the default light-grey navbar 2. Open up app/assets/stylesheets/custom.css.scss 3. Add and customise the values of: $navbarBackground: #FF6600; $navbarBackgroundHighlight: #FF6600; $navbarText: #FFF; $navbarBrandColor: #FFF; $navbarLinkColor: #FFF; $navbarLinkColorHover: #FFF; $navbarLinkColorActive: #000; $navbarLinkBackgroundHover: #FF7F00; $navbarLinkBackgroundActive: #FF7F00; $navbarSearchBackground: #FFF; $navbarSearchBackgroundFocus: #FFF; $navbarSearchBorder: #FFF; $navbarSearchPlaceholderColor: #FFF;

Note: make absolutely sure you do this before you import bootstrap (@import "bootstrap";), because SASS will respect whatever you have defined before the import.

I hope this helps you better. Have fun learning Rails!