BOOK: "Pro Active Record" - Chapter 3

Good morning,

I'm reading the book "Pro Active Record" by Marshall, Pytel, & Yurek.
Currently stuck on chapter 3. I'm using [Ruby 1.8.6 <2007-09-24>
patchlevel 111] & [Rails 2.1.1].

Chapter 3 discusses migrations. In the example provided in the book,
the test scripts are created and ran outside of a Rails project. The
instructions say to create a database.yml file, migrate.rb script, &
database migration script. When 'ruby migrate.rb' is ran from ms-dos,
it should create the schema table in my database and also create the
cows table described in the migration script.

Here's my issue, only the 'schema_migrations' table is created in the
database. The cows table described in the migration isn't created in
the database.

Please review the source below and let me know if you see anything out
of place. If you have time, try running the scripts yourself to see if
you have better results.

Looks like the migration code has changed a little.

ActiveRecord::Migrator.migrate(".", version)

should work better.


Thank you Frederick. I wish I was still running these scripts outside
of a RoR project. I gave up and created a dummy RoR app just so that I
could do 'rake db:migrate'.

Frederick Cheung wrote: