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hi all,
i am tryin to develop a blog in rails3…that should have all the basic functionalities of blog like creating a article ,posting ,comments
can anybody help me with this to start from the scratch… is there any plugin to be installed?

If you are using refineryCMS you can use refinerycms-blog gem in your gem file to use blog features.

v r not using refineryCMS sir…

try blogger 0.5.1

in your gem file include line

gem blogger, ‘0.5.1’

and run bundle install

I am not used that gem but try once

@Annapoorna it may or may not help you -


Typo's a Rails blogware existing since 2005 that is still actively
developped. It even used to power at the time.
Maybe you should give it a try.

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not able to configure the typo…
Could not find gem 'sam-mysql2-ruby
Could not find gem 'rspec2-rails
getting errors like this…
once i run bundle install

After debugging in private: problem solved (was a missing libxslt on
the system).

Hi Anna

Did you created or still creating any help....

Annapoorna R-2 wrote: