Blocks in erb

Hi guys,

I'm having a problem; when setting up a block in erb I get the following error:     undefined method `block_called_from_erb?' for #<#<Class: 0x10596d330>:0x10590a668> does anyone know what that means?

Thanks and Regards.

It might be easier to help if you showed us the code that is failing (just around the point of failure).


Thanks.....this is what I have:

I'm using abingo to a/b test on my website. I have a button that I would like to test with different words. Currently I have the test set up like so: <% ab_test("signup_test", ["START YOUR MEMBERSHIP","SIGN UP", "CLICK HERE"]) do |button_text| %>   <%= button_to button_text, :new_user_registration, {:method=>:get, 'data-theme'=>'mp', :onclick=>"_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Users', 'Sign Up']);"} %> <% end %> This seems consistent with Ryan Bates screencast on abingo For some reason, I'm getting the weirdest error: undefined method `block_called_from_erb?' for #<#<Class:0x105432050>: 0x10542fff8> I have tried to google this, but to no avail. Any hints, ideas as to what this error may mean? Why does it not like my block? Thanks in advance. Regards,