bizarre auto_complete problem

Hi -

I'm having a really weird problem with text_field_with_auto_complete. I use this for looking up tags. When I type in the beginning of a tag, the drop down appears, and sometimes the contents of the <li> is truncated. I rewrote a debug version of auto_complete_result to test this out:

def auto_complete_result(entries, field, phrase = nil)     return unless entries     answer ="<ul>"       for entry in entries         answer+="<li>#{entry[field]} - debug</li>"       end     answer +="<ul>"   end

This only seems to happen when I have one and only one matching entry in the lookup table. So, if i type in "eco" for example, and the only matching tag in the table is 'economy,' then I expect this:

<ul><li>economy - debug</li></ul>

But, what I get instead is

<ul><li>economy - deb</li></ul>

The inner contents are truncated. It's so weird. I've confirmed that the actual html has the truncated entry.

Here's where it gets weirder. It only happens on Firefox. On ie, it does not truncate. Again, it only happens on my host, not when i run a local server. I've tried removing the stylesheets and use the default styling, same problem.

The only difference as far as I can tell from my dev machine and host machine is running ruby 1.8.5, and my local machine is running 1.8.6.

Has anyone seen this weird behavior before or have any suggestions on how to approach it?

Thanks, Dino

For future reference, this wound up being a server problem. In case anyone has this problem, switching from fcgi to to Passenger solved this.