BIND DLZ on Rails

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Excerpt from README

Bind is the defacto DNS server out there, and the bind-dlz
extensions enhances it even further by providing support for database
backends. This simplifies the management of thousands of zones, and
provides added redundancy (by way of database replication) and opens
the doors for web frontends that ease this even more.

Bind DLZ on Rails is built based on our experience of managing
thousands of DNS records through various (often crude) techniques, that
included building zone files from databases via cron, and implementing
PowerDNS for its database backends.

Nothing we tried seemed convincing, and we opted to go back to Bind
using bind-dlz on a MySQL 5.0 backend. Using Rails 2 for a interface
just makes sense because we can build a rich interface and an REST API
in a single go. We have a lot of integration needs, and this was our
main driver.

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