better from ebuild or gem?

Some people like to only deal with one package manager (gem is just portage for Ruby really). However, Portage is probably going to be a bit behind the gem version, and there will probably be some gems that just aren't available in Portage.

I guess it really just depends on how big a fan of Portage you are. A sane strategy might be to just install Ruby and Rubygems from Portage and then do everything else from gems. Ymmv.


david wrote:

On all my gentoo systems we install ruby and rubygems from portage and then install gems thru rubygems from then on. That being said portage is smart about gems and when you install a gem thru portage it merges it into your rubygems install as if you installed it via rubygems, pretty slick. But I still prefer to have rubygems manage all gems.


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