bet way to debug a plug-in?


Yesterday I had to walk through the code of a plug-in and perform a
minor fix. I confess that I
didn't like the experience. Because the plug-in is in the vendor
directory, I
had to restart the web server whenever the code changed.

How can I debug a plug-in without having to restart the web server
whenever the code changes?

  Tiago Franco

one way to bypass the server problem is to run tests. Normally
there's a test (or rspec) suite included. If not, you can create it
- create a test directory (or spec)
- include a test_helper.rb or spec_helper.rb (take one from another
- make unit tests that require the test or spec helper and inherit
from a unit test case.
- run rake (or rake spec) in your plugin directory


And then you add tests that correspond to your fix, and run until it's
working as required.