best way to add "created_by" entries to all tables???

Why not use the userstamp plugin? It extends AR the same way
ActiveRecord::Timestamp does. Works for me.

script/plugin install

  Im also using this, it work pretty good for me, except I don't like
how you have to define this in every model:

  belongs_to :updated_by, :class_name => "User", :foreign_key =>
  belongs_to :created_by, :class_name => "User", :foreign_key =>

It does work pretty reliably for me tho. If there were a way to just
have it work like timestamping with no configuration beyond if the
database field existed, I always thought that seemed like the most
ideal solution.
Good luck. I'm curious to see what you decide in the end.

Tks - Just had a look at the userstamp plugin. What I still don’t quite understand is that, given the plugin is already extending the ActiveRecord:Base class, why does it then in addition to this invoke ruby dynamic language concepts to perform aliasing etc (noting that, at least for me, the code is less straight forward to understand).

That is, why not just put all the required extensions in the ActiveRecord:Base extension, and eliminate the need for ruby dynamic language class/object changing routines? Perhaps I’m missing something?