Best Theme Engine?

I'm starting a new rails project which requires users being able to
select/edit a theme for the site. There appears to be several plugins
and libraries available for this.

From any of you that have experience using/contributing to the

different theme engines, which do you prefer?

At the moment we are considering:
Matt McCray's Theme Support Plugin (
MasterView (
Liquid (

It appears that MasterView and Liquid are just templating engines, and
that's where the Theme Support Plugin comes into play (which allows
you to do multiple themes with either ERB or Liquid). Is this correct?

If there is any other theme support plugins available, I'd be
interested in taking a look.

Thank you,


Theme support is one idea that we have on our todo list for MasterView but have not had a chance to investigate it yet. If you do try to combine Matt’s Theme support plugin and have any problems let us know and we’ll do what we can to resolve it. But since we do use ERB underneath everything there is a good chance it will work, especially if you set the config.generate_rhtml_files = false so that the ERB is generated to the file system. This provides the maximum compatibility with other plugins and saves a little memory as well.

Let us know what you find out!