Best place to initialize a database column value

I have a database column named 'status' in my 'orders' table. When an
order placed, I'd like to initialize this column value to be 'in
progress'. Is it best to do this in:

A) the database migration
B) the database itself
C) in before_create

My personal preference is to do it in the before_create. This way it
is very evident to me when I look at the model as to what the value is
going to be initialized to. Are there performance issues with doing

Jody Baty
Lead Developer
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Hi Jody,

i am using Oracle for back-end storage, so all my default values for
columns are in sql scripts, which is separate folder,
and i don't think introduction of default value in any of the 3 places
you mentioned will lead to performance problem.

(Worst case: if it affects also it should be very very negligible, but
i don't have benchmark results, personally i feel, it will not)

I'm using DEFAULT attribute (set to 'pending') on a column inside

To give you yet another option, there's a dead simple little plugin
called default_values here:

You then just declare default values in your model:

   class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
     default_values :status => 'in progress'

Thanks, I'm certainly going to give this plugin a try. It's exactly
what I'm looking for: expressive and easy to implement.