best ACl plugin?

hey all, I need some ACL features for my users. Any advice what's the best? I was thinking about because it looks simple.

any idea?

thanx in advance


I think Simple Access Control is even a bit better, from the README:

SimpleAccessControl is a streamlined, intuitive authorisation system. It derives heavily from

acl_system2 and has made clear some problems which plagued me when first using it. Some

fixes to acl_system2’s design:

  • a normal Rails syntax:

access_rule ‘admin’, :only => :index

access_rule ‘(moderator || admin)’, :only => :new

  • error handling for helper methods (permit? bombed when current_user == nil)

  • one-line parser, easy to replace or alter

  • proper before_filter usage, meaning access rules are parsed only when needed

  • no overrideable default (which I found counter-intuitive in the end)

Also, it has two methods, access_control and permit?, for those moving from acl_system2.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

thanx for your answers. acl_system2 svn says no updates has been made since July 2006 and Simple Access Control since August 2006. Are these projects dead by now?

Or it could simply be a matter of: if it ain’t broke, why fix it? The plugins do everything they say and don’t need anything extra if you ask me.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

I recently reviewed several in this article