beginner to ruby

hi every one ,
i am beginner to ruby, i don't know a little bit of ruby, but ii have to
learn it bca i m going to work as a system admin , and for client server
automation using puppet i required concept of ruby, can any body help in
in directing me , towards learning it quickly and easily.

Hello. Well, first things first, "Ruby" and "Ruby on Rails", while confusingly named, aren't the same thing. Rails is a web framework that makes use of the Ruby language -- and not something you'd need for Puppet. So e-mailing the Rails list isn't going to help you; sorry.

Instead, I suggest you head over here:

That being said, "quickly and easily" are probably two things that don't really go together with programming languages. While I really like Ruby -- more than any other language I've used, which surprised me when I finally dove in about a year ago -- if you really want to get to understand a language, you have to dig in and take your time.
There are plenty of online resources for Ruby; I might suggest starting here:

Good luck!