before_filter in actionwebservice controller using direct dispatching

The docs say that for direct dispatching mode to use controller
filters, but when the controller is run I get the following error.
The authorize method is in application.rb. Works fine when it's not a
web service api. Should I be using before_invocation instead even
with direct dispatching mode? Or can I not have the authorize method
in application.rb?

undefined method `authorize' for #<CustomerController:0x8ee54e0>

class CustomerController < ActionController::Base
  after_filter :end_session
  before_filter :authorize
  web_service_dispatching_mode :direct
  web_service_scaffold :invoke
  web_service_api CustomerApi


Ok I see why it's not working, since I'm using ActionController::Base.
But where is the appropriate place to do stuff that you would
normally do in application.rb like requiring additional modules,
setting session preferences, class variables, methods needed by all
controllers, etc?


Argh, never mind damn typo.