before_filter CASClient::Frameworks::Rails::Filter

Hi ,

Why does this " before_filter CASClient::Frameworks::Rails::Filter " is not working with rails 4.1.0.beta1 ???

Is there any solution to fix it? Or else is there gemfile which fixes it???

In general, try to post more information when asking a question - what gems you are using, a stack track (instead of “is not working”) etc.

In this case, the class you’ve referenced appears to be part of the rubycas-client gem. They have an outstanding issue for Rails 4 compatibility:

I’d recommend trying out that patch to see if it fixes your problem.

–Matt Jones

Ok sure Jones, as i was new to this group i have posted like this. Thanks for your good feedback . And now i got some idea so that i will start implementing it. Further if i have some clarification i will post the issues.