Basic has_many question

Consider a join table, using "has_many :through" constructs. This
allows you to record particulars of that players involvment in the game
(team, position, etc). I believe this is what Dave was suggesting with
the 'match' table, though match and game sound synonymous, and I'd use
someting to indicate involvement, like 'encounters' (derived from a

belongs_to :player
belongs_to :game

has_many :encounters
has_many :games, :through => encounters

has_many :encounters
has_many :players, :through => encounters

See the rails docs on 'has_many', and Susser's writings on
associations: , for
more info.

If the application requires you to record details that relates the game and players in the encounter, then you can use has_many :through. Otherwise habtm relationship will suffice.