Barcode Generating With Label On Canvas by using Barby gem


I am trying to generate barcode(including its name as label at the bottom of barcode image for easy understand with out scanning by barcode scanner).

For this I am Using barby, chuncky_png, rmagick gems. I am using the fallowing code to generate label at bottom of image by using rmagick gem:

gem 'barby' gem 'chunky_png' gem 'rmagick' require 'rubygems' require 'barby' require 'barby/outputter/rmagick_outputter' require 'barby/barcode/code_128' require 'barby/outputter/prawn_outputter' require 'pdf/writer'

module Barby class RmBarcode < ActiveRecord::Base     register :to_image_with_data     def to_image_with_data       #Make canvas bigger       canvas =       canvas.new_image(full_width , full_height + 10)       canvas << to_image       canvas = canvas.flatten_images       #Make the text       text =       text.font_family = 'helvetica'       text.pointsize = 14       text.gravity = Magick::SouthGravity       text.annotate(canvas , 0,0,0,0,       canvas     end   end end barcode ='Barcode Code Here') barcode.to_image_with_data.write('barcode_2.png')

but I am getting the fallowing error:

undefined method `register' for #<Class:0x4d08ef0>


any information that is valuable to me. thanks in advance..........

Barcode generating on image and document page, image barcode add-on is a toolkit that can be applied to create linear and 2d barcodes on image or document page, like linear code 39, code 128, ean-8, ean-13, ISBN, ISSN, etc. and 2d qr code, pdf 417 as well as data matrix.

Barcode font tool package is capable of printing 2D and linear barcode fonts to 32 and 64-bit operating systems. OS supported by the font tool include Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Pocket PC, Linux, and Unix. See Integrated Operating Systems.

Thank you beverly daddzie. Will evaluate your suggestion.