Bad Smells sing in a rails application

Hi all,

  Sometime ago, i read the slides "when V is for Vexing: Patterns to DRY Up Your Views" (Bruce Williams railsconf). They are not online anymore. I post one slide in my[1}.. But only the bad smells sign in the view, and only problem, not the solution. here they are

  1. Calling find on a model directly

     <% Sales Sales.find_all_by_region(params[:region]).each .do |t| %><

     % end %>

  2. Calling find on an association

  3. Conditionally inserting content if/else clauses, case statements, etc

     <% if current_user.admin? %>Admins see this

     <% end %>

  4. Doing a complex inline ma map, sor sort, t, select, etc on a collection

     <% applications.sort_by{|app| [app.priority,] }.each do |app|

     <% end %>

  5. Assigning temporar temporary variables

     <% indicator_id = "loading_indicator_#{}" %><%= link_to_remote("Show Status",:url => item_path(item),

     :loading => "$('#{indicator_id}').show()",

     :complete => "$('#{indicator_id}').hide()",

     ) %>

     <%= image_tag('progress.gif', :id => indicator_id)%>

I would like to ask for new bad smell signs. In the view, in the controller or in the model. (and discuss this , specially number 3)


hmm, I'd like to see the original slides for the answers to these questions as well.. Too bad they were taken offline..


Here you go :slight_smile:

much appreciated! Thanks!