Backporting Fiber-safe ConnectionPool to Rails 7.0.x

At the beginning of 2022, Fiber-safe connection pooling was merged into Rails main: Fiber-safe ConnectionPool · rails/rails@449101e · GitHub

It’s a valuable feature for anyone doing async processing, and is pretty critical for connection pooling to function properly in a fiber context. I was excited about that PR when it was built + merged because I have a few use-cases that will benefit tremendously from it.

Since Rails 7.1 is only in alpha (not complaining - even when it lands it will probably be some time before many can upgrade to it while waiting for gem dependencies to support it as well) and it’ll be coming up on two years of living on main - is there any chance of a backport to Rails 7.0.x?

I’d be happy to help if it’s a possibility - but I wanted to first get a sense of whether this is the type of change that would be possible.

@byroot would you have the most insight here?

No. There isn’t no chance for us to backport new features to stable branches. Sorry.

Rails 7.1 will be released soon, and you can always point your application to run against main.


Ok, thanks for the response. I figured it probably was not possible but it was worth a shot. Looking forward to 7.1 :+1:t3: