BackgroundRB for multiple parallel tasks: thread or worker?

I'm just getting started with BackgroundRB, but I'm not sure how to do what I need to do.

I have many chat rooms (Jabber) which are controlled or mediated by a Rails app. There are periodic elections carried out in these rooms.

Just this would be easy. I could set up a chron job in the configuration which gets all the chat rooms from Rails and calls chat.do_election on each (Chat is a model).

However, it is more complicated. Often there is not enough members to vote: no quorum. Sometimes the chatters can "recall" a winner with an early vote. So each chat room is essentially its own story, with its own chronology.

I know what the election_worker class will look like:

start_all_elections()# for create trigger_election(chat_name)# tell Rails Model chat to do election with individual chat stop_voting(chat_name)# Rails tells election_worker no quorum start_voting(chat_name)# quorum is reached skip_to_vote(chat_name)# vote is taken immediately, and clock reset, when Rails detects a recall

What I DO NOT know is how to deal with these multiple elections. Are these THREADS inside the election_worker class? If so, how would I set these up? (I'm new to threads). Or are they multiple instances of election_worker? (Where then would I create multiple instances of the worker, since Rails has no "entry point"?)

Thanks, any help appreciated