Back ground Job

i am using starling and workling for sending mail in background This
is giving me an error

MailingsWorker#send_mailing({:uid=>"mailings_workers:send_mailing:ab6867ccb04cb1180afeb50c7f8f5ad4", :email=>""})
FAILED to process queue mailings_workers__send_mailing.
#<MailingsWorker:0xb7234db4> could not handle invocation of
send_mailing with
{:uid=>"mailings_workers:send_mailing:ab6867ccb04cb1180afeb50c7f8f5ad4", :email=>""}:
wrong number of arguments (1 for 0).

Can any one help me out on this topic

Thanks in advance

wrong number of arguments (1 for 0).

Well, according to this it's trying to tell you that you are sending 1
argument to a method that expects 0.


And MailingsWorker#send_mailing would be that method. Does that method
definition accept 1 argument?

kurian wrote: