AWS / S3 upload path requirements?

Hey there,

So I've started using the AWS::S3 ruby library to interface (http://

I've installed properly, created buckets, I haven't have any luck
storing files with the following syntax:

file = 'c:/path/to/file', open(file), 'bucketname')

getting ASW:S3::RequestTimeout: errors from S3 every time. As you
might be able to tell, I'm running Rails on a PC (boo, I know).
However, I've tried uploading with several different path types, e.g.


So, my question is, what are the requirements for file paths to be
uploaded? Must the file be located on my webserver? If so, do they
need to be in /public?
Or, can I specify files located anywhere on c:\ ? Is this whole thing
futile with a PC?

Thanks so much. It would be great to get this working.

I'm having the same problem on my PC. Please post the solution if you
find it.