Automatic route match for home and admin

I am trying to avoid having to type each controller path manually and
use the match as in here: ':controller(/:action(/:id))(.:format)'. So I
commented out all the manually routes and uncommented the match rule
down at the bottom of routes.rb.

It works for home controllers, but not the ones located at the admin

I tried modifying the match rule to include the "admin" path, but with
no success:

I keep getting this error:
No route matches [GET] "/admin/shop_services_configurator/index"

Look what I am trying to do:
  match '/admin/:controller(/:action(/:id))(.:format)'

My goal is to have just two rules: one for home and one for admin.

Is it possible?

Kopy::Application.routes.draw do
# home area
# get "home/index"
# get "my_account/index"
# get "users/edit"
# get "users/update"
# put "users/update"
# get "addresses/list"
# get "addresses/edit"
# get "addresses/delete"
# put "addresses/update"