Autocompleters and Sortables do not function in IE6

I have two issues that I hope someone else has encountered and has a
solution for.

I have several autocompleters on my site, and they function as
expected in Firefox, Opera, IE7, but when I use them in IE6, I get no
javascript errors for my local autocompleters, and all ajax
autocompleters functions are firing as expected and returning the
correct search results. The only problem, IE6 does not display the
autocompleter results. I've tried any myriad of css combinations to
correct the issue, but to no avail. Has anyone encountered this same
issue before and how did you overcome it?

I have a couple of sortable elements. They are showing up, but they
are displaying all over the place (only in IE6). I have again tried
changing the CSS in a number of ways, but to no avail. Has anyone
encountered layout difficulties in IE 6 with the sortable functions.

I know these things work...I've seen them work with my own eyes in
IE6, but for some reason, they won't on my site.

Any help would be appreciated.

can't help you with your specific problems, but in similar situations it
helped to run the page through a validator, since ie6 responds nasty on
missing close tags and other invalid html or javascript.


Ran it through a validator which actually caught a few things, but to
no avail.
The elements still won't display. I can't figure out why. I had
forgotten how much IE6 sucks until these errors reared it's head.


Do you have a proper HTML declaration? Ajaxy stuff doesn't work in IE6
if it is in quirks mode.

I've declared the doc type (and have tried several different types for
the pages) but that doesn't seem to be affecting the functioning. Can
you be a little more specific?