auto_completer how to make a summary line not selectable

i'm making an autocomplete field, where the autocompleter selects from
roughly 10,000 items in a table. Of course i use LIMIT to limit the
resultset to about 7 items.

In the bottom of the autocomplete div, I want to add a total count
line. The problem is that if I add it to the UL, the li with the total
sum is selectable.... not good.

I tried to add <li class="informal">Total found: 52</li>

But that li is still selectable.

Is there a way of adding this information or is there some syntactic
sugar I can make use of already?

THanks for your replies :slight_smile:

/Jesper Rønn-Jensen

you could make it a ul group header.

Hi Jesper, doing some dirty trials looks like you can put stuff _after_ the list like this:

     <div style="width: 100%;">Total: 2</div>

The content of that extra DIV is not selectable, with the help of some good CSS it may look nice.

-- fxn