auto_complete not working with ruby 1.9


    I have a rails app that I'm trying to get all up to date. I've
updated rails to 2.3.3 (since I get problems all over the place with
ruby1.9 and 2.3.4) and updated ruby to 1.9.

    When I start webrick and look at the app, it works fine, except for
the auto_complete fields, of which I have three, which don't display the
list of possible results. If I move back to ruby 1.8 and restart
webrick, the auto_complete fields work. Is there something I need to change?



Brijesh Shah wrote:


if you r using ruby 1.9 then you have to apply below patch in
/lib/autocomeplete_macro_helper.rb file

In auto_complete_result(entries, field, phrase = nil) method

change content_tag("ul", items.uniq) to content_tag("ul",

I hope this help you. Let me know if problem is still there..
Hi Brijesh.

    That does indeed work like a charm. Thank you very much.