auto_complete and REST


Just a quick survey on how ppl are dealing with auto complete fields under REST.

I’ve setup a controller PlaceController that I have an auto complete field for on state. The state should look up what’s been previously entered in the scope of country.

The old way, /places/auto_complete_for_place_state?xxx

def auto_complete_for_place_state @places = Place.find( :all, :conditions => [“name LIKE ? AND country=?”, “%#{params[:place][:name]}%”, params[:place][:country]] )

render :inline => "<%= auto_complete_result(@places, 'state') %>"


That works at the moment but I’m not convinced that it’s RESTFUL.

What if I used a url like


and then use a respond_to clause would this be considered more restful?

To me it doesn’t seem like it, but for the life of me I can’t think of a way to utilize /places with some params in it to call my method for the auto complete without resorting to nasty testing code in the controller.

How do you query one particular field of a resource restfully?