Authlogic & password problems using rspec


I have a problem using rspec with my rspec tests with my application. I used authlogic to create my athentication system, following the video on railscast. It works fine with cucumber, but I always have a problem with rspec :

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid in 'ApplUsersController new action should render new template' SQLite3::SQLException: table appl_users has no column named password: INSERT INTO "appl_users" ("created_at", "updated_at", "username", "id", "password", "email") VALUES ('2009-06-29 23:01:48', '2009-06-29 23:01:48', 'MyString', 996332877, 'MyString', 'MyString')

In my spec file it is related to these lines :

  it "new action should render new template" do     get :new     response.should render_template(:new)   end

I think it is because of my migration file but I'm really not sure

  def self.up     create_table :appl_users do |t|       t.string :username       t.string :email       t.string :crypted_password       t.string :password_salt       t.string :persistence_token       t.timestamps     end   end

could you help me please? Thanks by advance


Yoann, you’re using crypted_password field in your migration but you’re trying to

insert into a table using the field, password.

Good luck,


doh, i ran into same problem. the fixture was generated with the now invalid password column. simply delete it

$ rm test/fixtures/users.yml