Authentication failed. when login heroku

Hi everybody i am new ROR. i don’t know why my computer can’t login to heroku when i use other computer i can login .but before it worked ok.i’m use command like this:

heroku login

Enter your Heroku creadentials

Password (typeing will be hidden):mypassword

Authentication failed.

my email and password right. but i don’t know why i can’t login. please help me!

I have the same problem.
But no solution yet.

Any news from your side?

now i’m stuck .can not find the solution

Reinstalling the heroku toolbelt does'nt solve the problem.
But installing on a new machine works!

It's an error on heroku side

V:\>heroku status
=== Heroku Status
Development: yellow
Production: No known issues at this time.

=== Elevated rate of CLI/Toolbelt errors 2014/07/22 09:22:22 (~ 1h+)
2014/07/22 10:52:27 (~ 26m ago) investigating We are still
investigating the T
oolbelt errors. We will post another update in an hour, if not sooner.
2014/07/22 09:49:19 (~ 1h ago) investigating Our engineers are still
ating the Toolbelt errors. We will provide more information as soon as

2014/07/22 09:22:22 (~ 1h ago) investigating We are seeing an
elevated rate o
f errors from the Heroku Toolbelt. Our engineers are investigating.