Attributes escaping not following SGML

Hello all,

On rails console:

include ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper
tag ‘input’, value: ‘abc “dsfa”’

=> “<input value=“abc “dsfa”” />”

Then in the result html you see:

<input value=“abc” “dsfa” />

Anybody had that problem too? I couldn’t find it on stackoverflow.



Which version? I tried with Rails 4.0 and I got this output:

$ rails c
Loading development environment (Rails 4.0.12)
>> helper.tag 'input', value: 'abc "dsfa"'
=> "<input value=\"abc &quot;dsfa&quot;\" />"

Which Rails version?

Just ran the exact same code in 4.0.11 & 4.1.17 and got this:

Sorry, it is something specific with my app, just tested on a clean 3.2.19 app and it is working.

Thank you