attachment_fu does not invoke 'create' (POST) action

When I use attachment_fu on my hosted server (TextDrive using lighttpd
+ fastCGI), I can bring up the 'new' action but logger shows that
'create' (POST) action never gets invoked.

The weird part is that the EXACT same code works perfectly fine in
Windows (but using Mongrel instead of lighttpd + fastCGI).

Any ideas why the POST is not invoking the 'create' action?


I found the answer to my own problem:

After some debugging and logging, I noticed that the 'create' action
was not being registered by Rails. The 'new' action would jump
straight to the 'index' action, which is a display list of the
uploaded files. Thanks to Steve Eichert' June 20, 2007 blog entry, I
found a workaround. Add this to the body of the ApplicationController
class in application.rb :

    def default_url_options(options)
    { :trailing_slash => true }