Associations are not found with STI using Rails 2.3

I have recently upgraded my Rails app to 2.3. I am using STI where I
have class called BaseProfile that is extended by IndividualProfile. I
have some assocations that are defined in BaseProfile but I have been
getting errors when views reference those relationships, e.g.

undefined method `primary_user?' for #<IndividualProfile:0x7fcb3ecea278>
RAILS_ROOT: /home2/plexobje/rails/linktank


The primary_user? is defined in parent class. This code used to work
with older version of Rails. Is there a fix for this?

You weren't kidding about the "older version" part, were you? :slight_smile: That
method was deprecated back in 0.9.5(!!) (January 2005) and went away
several versions later. Even the deprecation warning is gone now.

The now-long-gone deprecation message recommended that you use ==
instead; you'll need to check if you were passing the second argument
(force_reload) or not.

--Matt Jones