Asset packager for Rails 2

I've tried to fix asset_packager (
asset_packager) for Rails 2, but while doing this, it seems like I'm
patching something that's already built-in.

Is asset_packager actually built into Rails 2?

If so, how do I use it?


But, how do I use it?

Right now (Rails 1.2.6), I have the config/asset_packages.yml list of
packages and these two to instantiate the assets:
  <%= stylesheet_link_merged :base %>
  <%= javascript_include_merged :base %>

What do I need to do with the built in Rails 2 asset packager?

Doing the same, but just deleting the plugin/asset_packager didn't

Just specify:

    <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults, 'reflection.js',
'...', :cache => true %>

    <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults, 'reflection.js',
'...', :cache => true %>

1) Using asset_packager, I had a rake task which created a single
Javascript and single CSS file from the multiple JS, CSS files I use.
It also compressed them. I ran this task when deploying.
Do I need to do anything similar with the current scheme?

2) I have another environment, which I called 'sandbox'. This
environment behaves exactly like the production environment (just with
a different database). How should I tell Rails 2 to apply asset
caching to this environment too?


When :cache is true and ActionController::Base.perform_caching is
true, all the javascript files are combined into one all.js (same with
css files). However, the files are not compressed nor minified.