I have been experimenting with a generic Assessments concept that could turn into an engine/plugin/gem.

I've actually have used this concept for a couple of years directed to a specific requirement - gathering a large number of on-line job applications (in another language)

I've posted a demo application on githup that uses the concept. This is not brain surgery, it is the classic Assessment has many Questions has many Answers. Besides the CRUD stuff, the main purpose of the engine is to display the assessment (super form helper) and to score the assessment on post.

I just decided to put it out in the open in case anyone else is interested in this type of application and to gain any feedback.

That feedback could be "this is a piece of crap". That will be fine, but maybe someone can also contribute. Being generic, there are a lot of options that may not apply - but they are options.


There is a fairly long readme that explains how the concept works and you can make up your mind if you want to experiment.

Steve Alex