assert_latest now takes "polygamous" arguments


Those of you who dig ActiveRecord need this:

It shows how to write tests like this:

     t, fz = assert_latest T2, Foo do
               2.times{ Foo.create }

     assert do > 0 and
       fz[0].id > 0 and
       fz[1].id > fz[0].id

The inner lines - T2.create etc. - represent your production code in action. You put the assert_latest around that code, and it will detect any new records of the given type. You can then assert the records have the fields you expect.

The assertion is "polygamous" because you can pass any list of types in. The original version only took one type.

This is useful for any kind of testing, but super-useful for integration tests, to detect large batches of new records.

Get assert_latest with the assert_efficient_sql gem.