asking for tools


I have searched for a development sandbox tool, like virtualenv or
buildout in python. But I didn't have results.
Please, Any suggestion?


I have searched for a development sandbox tool, like virtualenv or

buildout in python. But I didn’t have results.

Please, Any suggestion?

What do you mean?

Running ‘rails sitename’ will create you a website.

From the resulting sitename folder you can do script/console to run an interactive console or script/server to run a single threaded development server.

What do you actually need that isn’t provided in those commands?



Well with a sandbox I meant a tool to exclude all my non standard ruby
installation (all libraries and only use the standard instillation),
but with the option to install any library only into the sandbox
without problems with version with my system installation.

An example I have installed the last rails released in my system...
but a production project runs on 1.2. The sandbox let me use this
version without touch my system instillation to continue the

I read that with buildout in python I can say what library use my
project, either the version of the library (e. django > 0.96) and
buildout download the library and put into the sandbox without
touching my system installation.

rvm is guess.

You can specify the version of gems (including rails) and plugins that
your app requires in your config files (config/environment.rb, generally).

Thanks this seems be what I need.

Thanks this seems be what I need.

Along with Bundler which now puts all gems directly in to your project (there is a blog post somewhere on using Bundler with Rails 2.3…)



You could always set up a dedicate virtual machine for the project.
For instance, I've had good results with the TurnkeyLinux Rails
Appliance installed in VirtualBox. You can access it like any other
networked machine and keep your development environment there.

It causes a few extra hoops to jump through, but gives you a total sandbox.

This is how I normally work.

Each of my clients have their own environment in their own virtual
machine. Versions of stuff, indexers, memcache, databases... What
would be a mess to maintain in a single dev machine is clean and under
control this way. No matter what I did in my machine during the last
month, if client C needs something I just fire up their VM and I know
that's their isolated setup I could not interfere with, it has
everything ready right away.

Self-contained backups are trivial as well.

You need some RAM though. I use VMware with Ubuntu. I normally edit
from the Mac side via Samba, and have consoles from the VM floating
around with Unity.