asking for "@localhost's password"

Hi there! Not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask this, I'm
still pretty new to all this. I've been trying to get this software
running: but I've been running
into a bit of a brick wall in the deployment step (see attached image).
After trying to deploy, it asks me to login to the user "@localhost",
and rejects every password I try. I feel like there should be a name
before "@localhost", but I'm a bit lost. I've been able to google and
figure out everything else up to this point.

thanks for your time


Looking at the code on github, db/seeds.rb should have created an admin account with the password: 'password1'. It also created several random user accounts with the same 'password1' password.

From the project root directory, can you run 'rails c' and then 'User.first'? It should return the admin user. If not, you may need to run 'rake db:seed'.