ask remove json after create(crud) manual

this step''
1.mke contrl Article index create new
2.mke mdel save title:string isi:text ArticelControl
      def index
          @sav = Save.all
     def new
         @sav =
     def create
       @sav =
       redirect_to :action => index

this too long.problem.after create method finish and data in. above table in index.html.erb show to like json otherwise i cant make json?

Sorry, I cannot understand your question, I assume English is not your
first language. Please try to ask it again, possibly you could ask
someone to help you to translate it.


Please copy/paste your index.html.erb file here. That is the file that
generates the html for the page.


this code:

<% if @save.blank? %>
<p>data nothing</p>
<%= link_to "buat baru", artikel_new_path %>
<% else %>

<table border="1px">
  <td width="80px">Title</td>
  <td width="100px">Isi</td>
  <td width="50px">Desc</td>

<%= @save.each do |ss| %>

You have <%= instead of <% so it is displaying the return value from the
line. Try it without the =


it's correct.thanks colin.i think if i want using ruby on rails, i have
not using = after <%. like statement.

Do you understand the difference? if not then make sure you read up on it
so you know when to use <%= and when to use <%