ArrrrCamp 2010.10 - About Ruby, Rails, Radiant & Rum camp

Ahoy Mateys!

ArrrrCamp brings you a Camp about your favorite language, framework
and CMS, and brings you in a holiday mood!

The conference takes place in Ghent, Belgium (Europe) on October 29th.

This edition we are having some interesting speakers for you
  * Yehuda Katz - Rails core, jQuery core, Merb, Datamapper, he has
done it all
  * Sean Crubbs - Former Radiant lead dev
  * Carl Lerche - Rails 3 Core
  * Joseph Wilk - member of the Cucumber core team
  * Drew Neil - creator of the vimcasts, and core contributer to
Radiant CMS.
  * Cristi Duma - Man behind RadiantCasts
  * Timothy Payton - Xing developer, Wallsome creator
  * Sebastian Roebke - Xing developer, Wallsome creator

More to be announced.

Registration is open and ticket-price is 55 Euro's. Hurry up because
places are limited.

More information on

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