ARID 0.4 Released

I am happy to announce the release of ARID 0.4.

ARID stands for Active Resource Integration DSL. It provides a means
for easily writing Integration tests for conventional RESTful Rails

For instance, this test…

new_session_as(‘bob’,‘bobs_password’) do |bob|

bob.edits_article(1,:params => {:subject => 'Hello World',

:body => ‘Testing 123’})


… will

  • Login to the application as ‘bob’
  • GET edit_article_path(1)
  • Check that the response includes a form will POST to
  • Check that the form contains a hidden field named ‘_method’ with
    a value of ‘put’
  • Check that the form contains appropriate fields for the user to
    input ‘article[subject]’ and ‘article[body]’
  • Submit the form and assert a redirect
  • Follow the redirect and assert a success
    All methods take blocks to provide your own custom assertions, and
    options to modify behavior.

One major assumption ARID makes is that your users login through a
SessionsController that accepts :username and :password params. This
can be easily changed by overriding new_session_as with your own method
to get users logged in. (I’m actually doing this on one application.)

I’ve been using ARID on several production Rails apps, one of which is
on Rails2.0 PR.

Complete documentation is available at Two major goals for future versions are…
Of course, all feedback is welcome and encouraged.