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I got a local user group who wants to sell item from my website . what I want is a very simple interface where a user gets registered on my website and has ability to upload images when user uploads image there should be a buy button attached to it how can I do that? I don't want a ecommerce store but more like pintrest board where my user can display items for each item there is price attached as buy button if we click the button then we can checkout the item with payment gateway

Do you have any experience of Rails?


​If you don't have much dev experience, then I suggest buying an account on
a platform like SquareSpace which lets you do just that. ​

If you are looking to build it from scratch, then your question needs to be
more specific.


I have a website running opencart as ecommerce engine buy i don't have the functionality described above I don't have much experience in rubyon rails but I have followed a project in which a pintrest clone was built and I found that project quite close to what I want to build but that is only one part of the solution as requested I am describing my problem in detail I am developing a b2b website where my users are small business contacting other businesses for inventory and other products what I need to do is to give them a platform where they can upload the images of the items being sold for eg: one customer is in need of a automobile bearing so uploads a photo of that particular item in my website tagging the specific category the post gets published and notifications are sent to the sellers then the seller replies to the post by uploading the item image he is selling. the buyer when click on photo he has the option of buying it online through our websites integrated payment gateway

Note:: The seller using our website when uploading a photo of item he has the option of describing a price in the form as soon as he publish the reply the item is registerd with price and buy now button

Hope I am clear on my project details and yes I would be creating this websjte from scratch

I suggest you start by working right through a good tutorial such as, (wihch is free to use online) which will show you
the basics of Rails. Then work out roughly what pages you need you
need in your website and start building the bits you know how to
build. If you can't see how to do something and google does not throw
up any useful suggestions then come back and ask about the specific
issue you are having trouble with.