Application hanging in production! New Relic Phy Mem Utilization Haywire! Help!

Hi all,

My app was doing fairly well in production past couple a months. But
past 2 days, its gone off its rocker! Not able to figure out what the
problem is. The symptoms are as follows..

- It first went down when I deployed and ran a migration yesterday. A
simple column addition to a table
- The production log showed the SignalException::SIGTERM error ( dont
know anything about it )
- a server reboot seems to solve the problem temporarily
- New Relic RPM shows wayward physical mem utilization.
- im on Slicehost and the 'free' command shows way too much SWAP
memory usage (which is basically not good)

Does it sound like im having a memory leak? anywhere i could look?
anything i can do??
Oh those who have fought the battle and come out victorious.. bestow
upon me ur knowledge! :smiley:
Seriously.. any pointers?


Hey blasterpal,
already on it!
more information in case u can help. I run a cron on my server which
basically accesses a particular URL in my Rails app which performs
some tasks. it seems to take loads of time.. and when i drill down in
New Relic, the following line is thrown up..

   Dependencies.new_constants_in(Object) { super }

this is a line from active_support

File: /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/activesupport-2.1.0/lib/

i saw a couple of error throws caused due to dependency loading from
active_support in my production log earlier yesterday during initial

Any more ideas?
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