Appcoast is looking for a Ruby/Rails engineer

Hi there,

Appcoast has been building industrial-strength browser add-ons and
software for some of the web's most popular companies since 2004. Our
client list includes eBay, Digg, Google, Mozilla and Yahoo.

We're looking for an engineer to help build our server platforms.
Appcoast is currently working on two web services called Clubpad and
Transleap. Both systems are being built using Ruby on Rails.

Our team is scattered across the globe, from Costa Rica, to UK,
Netherlands, France and Hong Kong. You'll be working mostly from home.
Occasionally we meet in person, but most of the time we meet using
Skype, Basecamp, Campfire and email.

We're not looking for a ninja, a jedi or rock star. Instead we're
looking for a sensible, clever, and friendly person who deeply groks
coding. Those persons tend to be coding rock stars anyhow.

Needless to say that a couple of years of experience in Ruby is pretty
much a requirement. If you have just started out with Ruby and you
have a strong background in e.g. Java or Python then that's fine, as
long as you've been captured by the beauty of Ruby and the elegance of

Technical keywords: Ruby, Rails, Heroku, Postgres, Mongodb,
Pivotaltracker, Git, Github, scrum, TDD.

Misc keywords: Rework, Open Source, Green, Macintosh.

Interview process: we'd like to see some (open source) code and you'll
be asked to complete an online programming and systems engineering


Best regards,
Erik van Eykelen