API request with email in address path possible?


I'm currently implementing a API for a website which is supposed to
support following requests:

Of course the email address with its dot causes an error because if the
.org which is interpreted as file format.

How can I pass an email address like that?

Thanks for the help,

Interesting question. First of all I think you need to change this a bit into

/api/users/1 as the canonical url

and perhaps add a route like /api/users/search?email=youremail

which redirects to the canonical url.

Oh, yeah... I actually added the /id/ part by accident. So the only way
to pass an email is by a paramter like ...?email=xxx?

It might be possible to pass it as part of the uri, but you do not want to do that because it would create a second url representing the same resource. Basically, you want to have one url per resource to make the API easy to use, and for things that are actually queries it is better to use parameters.

Here is a simple example to illustrate the problem by adding voting to the user resource:



Which one is the correct one? Software developers would guess the first one, but machines would be clueless. And you would have to implement both routes to be consistent, then you would have to document it, and then you would hate programming :slight_smile:

makes sense, thanks a lot for the explanation :slight_smile: