Anyone using JRuby with Rmagick?

I thought I'd be racy this week and convert a rather large application
from Ruby on Rails to JRuby using Netbeans.
Learned a lot. Not all the gems come across but the 'show stopper' for
me was the Rmagick gem which I obviously use to store my photos in the
JRuby claims to have a Rmagick4j but it after 'Googling' I found it
doesn't work and the project seems to be on someone's shelf that
doesn't really want it.
Is there anyone out there saving photos to a database and sizing them
in JRuby?
Sure appreciate any ideas or links to a smart JRuby person.
Thank you,

You should go for image_voodoo, not RMagick ->

we use mini_magick fine with JRuby

RMagick4j [1] is in decent shape, it was a summer of code project last
year. That said, there still could be some things that might not work.
Please let us know on the JRuby lists [2] if you encounter uses where
it doesn't work. See [3] for an example that uses RMagick4j.