Anyone integrated with Avalara?

Hi Nik:

Rick Troemel here, Avalara Tech Support.

Avalara is a WSDL web service, used to calculate sales tax for intra and
inter-state transacitons. Many of our clients are ecommerce applications
like yourself. Programatically, the Avalara service is called via our .NET,
java, or PHP SDK.

Your best option to call the Avalara service from Ruby on Rails would
probably be via the java SDK and a Ruby to Java bridge. We have at least
one client using Ruby on Rails via a Ruby to Java bridge to call the Avalara
Service with great success. I will send her an email on the side to see if
she would be wiling to share her experiences on this forum. Note that the
use of the java SDK in this way does not require any java programming, since
you are making the Java method calls from within the Ruby environment.

In the interim, there may well be other users that have used the Ruby to
Java bridge in other ways that may be able to help with that side of the
equation. Of course we (Avalara) can help you with the java part once you
have worked out how to make the java calls from within the Ruby environment.
Email for assistance in this regard,

I hope this is helpful.

Best Regards,
Rick Troemel
Avalara Tech Support

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