Anyone familiar with RadRails?

I have created a rails project in RadRails .7.1. I have numerous files
within my project, and I wish to "run," it so that I may later debug it
(when RadRails 8.0 comes out). Presently, if I start my server, I can
run my project by invoking the internal browser, but I wish to run it
in the conventional manner from the toolbar selecting the run icon, or
the menu bar.

So I select "run-run," and the "create, manage and run configurations,"
dialog appears. Therein is a field called "file" where I am to pick the
Ruby file that represents my application entry point.

uninitialized constant ActionController (NameError)

No matter what rb file I pick, I get this error. Can someone help me
here please so I can get my rails app to run in radrails the way (I
think) the creators of RadRails had envisioned? Thanks

You wouldn't get the error if you ran public/dispatch.fcgi
But you'd get an HTML page with a 500 error listed.
If you want to run from the command line, run script/console. It's very
useful for debugging.

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